Hey Clearbit!

I'm a huge fan of your product, having used it for both personal and professional work, and think I'd make a great addition to your team.

Read on to learn a little more about my work experience and background as a sales and marketing professional, along with my personal interests. 


Work Experience


Shopify Plus: Currently interning in Business Operations & Strategy, having completed a sales internship last summer. 

#paid: Created email nurture campaigns, blog posts, and an account-based Facebook Ad campaign to attract Coca-Cola marketers. 

Turnstyle: Developed buyer personas based on customer and sales data, and used said personas to build out a email nurture funnel. 


Skill Sets


Email Marketing: I can build nurture campaigns for all stages of the funnel, including the creation of landing pages and CTAs. 

Sales Outreach: I understand how to prospect, set up cadences, track pipeline growth, and close B2B SaaS deals. 

Data Analysis: I can proficiently use SQL and Excel to track marketing efforts and find data to validate ideas for new marketing campaigns. 


Personal Interests 


Sports: I'm an avid, washed-up soccer and basketball player that's always down for a pick-up game, even when my cardio isn't. 

Poker: I love a good game of poker, though my bluffs aren't as good as I'd like them to be. Finished in the Top 50% at the Waterloo Poker Classic! 

Gaming: I assure you my FIFA 17 skills are much better than my actual soccer abilities. Go Spurs! 

If you're interested in learning more about me, I've put together a short deck below that dives into my experiences and overall skills as a sales and marketing professional.